The world’s first unique mechanism

Recoil Thruster Engine (PAT) is a completely new technology and patented technology developed by Toyo Kogyo ahead of the rest of the world.

Ultra-fast winding

With ordinary fly reels, there is a method of quickly rotating the outer periphery of the spool by tapping with the palm or fingertips, but the speed in such a method can be achieved at all.

Advantages when using it as a conventional fly reel

During reel fight transition, the angler can quickly finish the line storage and immediately focus on the tension control of the line because the line hanging on the ground and the surface of the water can be collected at lightning speed.

As fast as fish speed

With ordinary fly reels, if the fish runs to the angler side at full speed, the winding is almost in time and it is no tension, but jet stream can instantly wind up the line to ensure line tension, so you can always keep the fish under control. It is possible to quickly avoid rushing to obstacles and prevent infiltration into bushes, driftwood, etc.

The fishing taste remains the same

Fly reels are a staple and identity element, with a 1:1 gear ratio while achieving a winding speed far above that of multiplier reels.

Since it is not a multiplier, the fishing taste is not impaired when reel fight with the handle.

You can perform fast winding operations only when you need them.

Feel like you’re flying a reel

Even if you pull the cable away from the rod without touching the handle, the spool turns, so you will feel like the reel is moving without permission.

We aimed at an evolution of a unique sense unique to fly fishing

Fly fishing has become accustomed to the behavior that other fishing does not have, such as pulling the line by hand.

So to speak, I think that it is an action like manners, it is called the behavior of fly fishing.

As a form that can make use of its operation as it is, this system has been designed and developed so that it functions conveniently without discomfort.