Aim at the rise 80M ahead with ultra-long-distance drift

I will aim for an impossible place

It is an image that finishes the rise 80 m ahead with a ultra long distance drift

Being able to flow the fry as quickly as you want in the lane where you want to flow the fly in various ways gives you a great advantage in the probability of encountering the fish. Consider the example in a river.

Increase in effective drift distance in ultra-long-distance drift

Since the collection time of the line is about half (actually close to one-third), the number of times of flowing is increased.

Strictly estimate the above factors and calculate the increase in effective drift distance by about 1.5 times.

If the effective drift distance is 4km a day, 4 x 1.5 = 6km, so it is calculated that 2km more can be flowed.

Even with a more stringent estimate, the probability of contact with fish will definitely increase.

Contrary to the above, I think it is not uncommon for people to earn a longer effective drift distance instead of increasing by 2km.

Especially in the wet fishing of the main stream with a thick flow, overwhelming super-efficient rework fishing is possible.

It may be hard to imagine because it is a completely new system, but when you first experience this system in the field, many people will be shocked by its versatility.

There are many parts where the frame is too small in the text and video, and the feeling of the rod and reel actually being operated cannot be conveyed.

The more I read it, the more enthusiastic the expression is because I want to convey that sensuous part.

Super long drift, super free line control, super high speed rework, every feeling is completely different.

Of course, it is possible to further develop and evolve the conventional fishing method, but the content to be introduced next will introduce a completely new and freestyle jet stream usage that is different from that.

Assisting the flow where natural drift is difficult by reel operation

In normal fly fishing, when fishing a complicated flow where drag is easy to be applied, the line is mended by rod operation to avoid drag and the target point is flowed, whereas in spiral mode, the reel is used instead of rod operation. Operate.

If you put the fly on the lane you want to flow and turn it on to free it, the force to pull the fly toward you will not work, so natural drift can be realized very easily. When aligning, return the turning wing to OFF and insert the alignment with the rod.

When inserting the awase (hooking), stop the reverse rotation of the spool (do not operate the drag) by palming etc., and use the rod to awase (hook).

Super long-distance drift that exceeds his long drift that can be flowed freely as much as you like

A truly freestyle sink ! It is a way of flowing because there is no line processing and high-speed collection is possible.