It is important to remember how to use it correctly

To use JET STREAM comfortably

Toyo Kogyo will take responsibility for giving advice until you can use the reel comfortably without any trouble even after purchase.

A clean winding is required. (Important point 1)

The middle finger is the point

While sandwiching the line between the index finger and the middle finger
I hold the rod firmly and fix it so that my fingers do not move.
At that time, do not attach the middle finger to the rod (grip), but fix it so that it overlaps the index finger to stabilize the line hold.
When gripping the rod grip, hold it with your thumb and middle finger (at that time, hold the line and index finger together under the middle finger).
* If you attach the middle finger to the rod (grip), you may not be able to understand it even if the tension is released, so we take the middle finger away from the rod (grip) to prevent it.
It’s a very small but very important point.
It seems that some people have fingers hanging before they get used to it, but be sure to master it correctly.
I get questions sometimes, but I basically don’t use finger guards. If you feel your fingers hurt, think that you have pinched them too tightly.
If you pinch it too tightly, you may feel your fingers hurt due to frictional resistance. In that case, put the rod tip in the water and forcibly wet the line. Wet it with water to reduce frictional resistance.
Wet it with water and pinch it so that it does not hurt.
* As the number of times the line is used increases, the surface of the line may become rough. In that case, please renew the line of that part or use the finger guard.
* It may be better to attach a finger guard even when performing a heavy fly line with a high count quickly and repeatedly with an ultra-high speed retrieve.

Hooking suppresses the reverse rotation of the spool (important point 2)

In general fly fishing, it is normal to draw a line and hook, but when hooking with JET STREAM, even if you pull the cable, the front drag will operate, so please think that hooking does not work well.

For hooking with JET STREAM, stop the reverse rotation of the spool with the palm of your hand, etc., and hook it together with the rod.

It is easy to forget the above hooking method that suppresses the rotation of the spool unless you are accustomed to the operation.
Make it a habit to stop the spool when hooking, paying close attention to it from the beginning. There are quite a few people who have forgotten

How to operate FALCON’s slide lock system (former falcon and Galaxy)

If the reel body moves when you pull the vernier, try changing the direction in which you pull the vernier. Pull the vernier in the direction to offset the force and retrieve.
If the cuffs of the clothes you are wearing fit your arms, you do not need to slide up and down in the above video. The reel can be reversed (turning ON, OFF) while it is fixed in the lock position.
On the other hand, if you are wearing clothes with large cuffs, the line may hit the cuffs when casting out. The sequence of clothes with large cuffs is explained below.
When the retrieve at the lock position is over and you want to cast again, slide the reel to lower the reel to the lower position, then flip the reel by wing operation, then cast, then return to the lock position, retrieve again, and so on. Repeat the cast and retrieve sequence.
Writing in letters may seem complicated, but in actual fishing, your fingers and hands will get used to the series of operating, so you can unknowingly repeat the cast smoothly and quickly. If the target you are aiming for is not very large, you can use it while sliding it down.

How to take a line with a double hand rod without a line guide attachment for a single hand and without a FOV guide bar

Spiral mode with a single hand rod with hole movement
Please pay attention to how to swing the compact rod. Shake so as not to be over-action.

Osprey & Raptor Single-handed line guide attachment (FALCON is standard equipment)

When using OSPREY or RAPTOR with a single hand, it is recommended to install a line guide attachment. We accept the option price of 1,500 JPY

How to replace Recoil Thruster strings.(How to replace the cable)

The vernier cable can be used even if it is the last one, but if possible, it is recommended to replace it with a new one when the first one runs out, such as after fishing for the day.
(How to restore the vernier cable at the site, etc.) * Overseas, the vernier cable is called the recoil thruster strings.

Please note that in the case of left-hand drive specifications, the direction of rotation is counterclockwise, which is opposite to the video below.


The vernier cable is a consumable item. Replace it regularly. Although it is labeled as a cable, the cable used cannot be made of metal.

At present, we basically recommend using the nylon line. PE lines and Kepler material lines can also be used, but PE and Kepler systems generate fiber debris due to friction and need to be removed from time to time. There is not much difference in life. (Fluorocarbon is not suitable)

In the unlikely event that the cable breaks, you can recover as described above on site without having to hold tools. However, if possible, we recommend that you replace it with a new one at home, etc. every two fishing trips.

Although it was mentioned twice above, the life of the cable varies considerably depending on the usage environment. In a fishing area where the load is not so heavy on a light line, it may not be possible to cut more than 10 fishing lines. On the other hand, if you use a heavy line of No. 9 or more in a strong flow and keep applying a strong load to the cable, it may take less than two days. It is recommended that you predict the replacement time from your own fishing frequency and usage status and replace the cable regularly at home etc. before the first one runs out.

The replacement line recommended at this stage is the following 20LB.

Just in case, it is one way to tie this in a set of 3 in advance and carry it as a spare.

Since it has a flood prevention structure, it is designed so that it will not be flooded even if it is submerged for about the time of taking a picture. It can also be used with salt water, but if the bearing is submerged under water pressure for a long time, it is recommended to wash the bearing with fresh water just in case. Check if the attached rust preventive has penetrated into the bearing, and if the concentration is low, lubricate it appropriately.