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The peace of mind of jet stream that other reels do not have. There is no rush or panicked during or after the reel fight transition.

We have received the fishing results of many rankers. Introducing only a few of them.

We have received the fishing results of many rankers! Introducing only a few of them

A photo of Ito with a meter over from Mr. T who lives in Hokkaido
In addition to this fish, meter over and ranker size are continuously landed
It’s a great ranker killer angler

The pinnacle of Hokkaido native trout … It’s a masterpiece

Larger sizes are trophy fish that are not so easy to meet

Huge face! It’s so cool that you’ll fall in love with it

The model used is the first FALCON

This individual also has a fearless look that is different from the above fish.

After all it is a style that is different from the trout of Honshu.

If your face is huge, you will even feel your personality.

This is also a nice size individual! It is a wonderful fish body raised in the wilderness of Hokkaido.

If you release one, one, carefully

It will give multiple anglers a chance of happiness over and over again.

At this size, it’s about the size of a man’s thigh!

The reel looks very small

This individual is also in excellent condition

Huge tail fin, perfect shape … You’ll be fascinated

What! Catch a 91cm ranker with Ito’s first challenge

This is Mr. T, who succeeded in catching a 91 cm fish in Ito’s first challenge.

Moreover, the first catch is this size within 10 hours from the start

What’s even more surprising is that when he picked up this fish, Mt. T was still in his second year of fly fishing! It’s a feat
You are motte

The reel looks very small

The backing line is also at a speed never experienced before

It was called Gyun Gyun, and I was in a panicked for a while during the fight! However, after that, I regained my composure and landed safely.

A fearless look and a perfect fish body.

The best fish! From Mr. T, “It’s a lifelong memory. I received a very happy word. Thank you, Mr. T

A photo from Mr. N who lives in Hokkaido, and a great angler who has caught many monster sizes

Only a part of the picture of Mr.N’s fishing result,

Double-digit hits are not uncommon in one day!

The first and second majors are shown, and the pictures are similar, but they are different fish!

You will fall in love with the thick, big, heavy, and wonderful fish

He is worshiped as a master by a local angler in Hokkaido.

Mr. N, is a person who is fishing anyway

There are too many fish landing in this corner.

This is a nice size and nice brown It’s a numbing fish

Even in the bad conditions of strong winds, waves, and snow, they face stoicism and are firing nice-sized white-spotted char.

Anyway, I’m really surprised to be able to catch a lot

A local master in Hokkaido also said, “It’s an indispensable reel for aiming at white-spotted char.”

We have received your patronage. Thank you

This is a photo from a customer who is new to fishing at JET STREAM.

Mr. T is an angler living in Honshu, and his debut match suddenly goes on an expedition.

I was worried about that, but I was able to get into the soul with just one shot. Originally, it is a customer who has a good fishing skill, and the guidance of the local guide is perfect.

I was able to catch it, but I’m still worried about my first fishing trip. .. ..

So it was a very happy one!

Thank you, Mr. T

A treasure trove of super rankers, Argentina, fishing results of orders of magnitude in number and size

This is Mr. Alexander who lives in Argentina.

Fire monster rainbow trout! The trophy size over there is an order of magnitude! It is not comparable to Japan.

This height and thickness are amazing.The dimension is different from Japan! It seems that he is catching a lot of such sizes.

Large enough to fit the reel when you open your mouth.

Fearfully, Argentina’s potential! However, because it is Argentina, it does not mean that it will be a special big one.

A Japanese rainbow trout farmer says. Even in Japan, if you don’t pull out the fish, it will grow to this size. It seems that the reason why there are so many big fish in Argentina is that the amount of fish extracted is extremely small.

The strength of Spiral Mode

Encounter with a suddenly visiting ranker … At that moment, in a normal line system, the running line gets entangled and the reel locks and turns pale.

Ranker size is a hit. However, at that moment, if the running line at my feet got entangled … This fish was not super large, so I was lucky enough to land while the spool was locked.

The scaffolding was good and the river was open, so I was able to run and chase the fish, so I managed to keep it from falling apart.

There is no guarantee of good luck every time like this. The moment of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, even if you regret it, it will be a later festival.

Always stable from the moment of hit

This individual has a dash of 50m at a stretch after hitting! However. With Jetstream and Spiral Mode, you don’t have to worry about running.

Naturally, the larger the fish, the larger the torque and the faster the speed.
At the moment of the hit, if the running line gets caught or entangled somewhere … The game ends immediately … If you have played a lot of big things, you have experienced such a disappointing experience many times. it might be…
However Jetstream and Spiral Mode don’t have to be disappointed again.

This fish also has a right after the hit! Run, bend, bounce many times

This fish also dashes 100m immediately after the hit! Run, turn, bounce many times.
There is another advantage in fighting with the ranker. It is the self-weight of the running line.
Spiral mode uses pe-based lines with light weight for the running line.

Of course, there is an appropriate drag adjustment, but PE lines have the advantage of being less susceptible to centrifugal force than general lines such as monofila with heavy weight.

Another big advantage is that it is less likely to cause unpredictable sudden turns and backlash due to stop and go, which are peculiar to big players

Overcome the slow winding speed, which is the weakest point of fly reels

During the reel fight, speed up toward you. I can’t wind it up in time! It is safe even in such a case

When I thought that this individual hit and went down 50m at a stretch, the next moment I ran at a tremendous speed toward the front. I was about to be rushed into the underwater bush. Even when you run to the front at a speed that can not catch up with the winding of the steering wheel,
With a vernier cable, you can instantly regain line tension without losing the speed of over 70 ranker rainbow trout! The slow winding speed, which is the weakest point of the fly reel …
Jetstream is unlikely to lose to Ranker at speed.
Of course, it’s incomparably faster than pulling the line directly by hand! While achieving much faster high-speed winding than multiplier reels, the 1: 1 direct reel does not reduce the fishing taste. As you can see by comparing it with the reel, it is an individual with a very large face and tail fin. The mouth is big enough to hold a fist, and when it comes to this size, it’s salmon rather than rainbow trout. It was a powerful fighter.

This individual also avoids rushing into the underwater bush with the ultra-high speed winding mechanism of the vernier cable

This individual was only 60UP in size, so it was not an individual that should be posted on the ranker page, but since the speed and fight were similar to the ranker, I decided to post it.

At this point (fishing spot), landing may not have been possible with a normal fly reel with a slow take-up speed even at this size.

The ultra-high speed winding mechanism of the vernier cable

It will be an ally of the angler in every situation! With or without it, it will greatly affect the fishing results afterward.

Sending method under the overhang. Everything is perfect.

This fish is an approach to the point from the discovery of Rise,

From the start of the cast, sending under the overhang in spiral mode, hooking, landing, everything is decided in one shot, the fish body is also a salmon-sized perfect body, and it has become one of the hearts full of “fishing feeling”.

This is a fat but torqueful run … An individual who has repeatedly turned completely unpredictably

Jetstream with many advantages not found on ordinary reels

Even with such a ranker size, you can fight with confidence, so the landing rate will be different.

It is a system that we would like beginners as well as super experts to experience.

Anyway, the more rankers you hang, the more you can see the difference.

It’s a huge fin … The reel has a diameter of 94mm, but it’s enough to hide it.

I’ve learned a few things since I started developing Jetstream and cultivating points.
It means that there may be hotspots where there are surprisingly large numbers of fish that are larger than you can imagine at points that are difficult or difficult for ordinary people to find.
Even in the Japanese field, if you do not keep the fish, it will not be a steel head, but it has become clear that many ranker-sized fish that are close to it can grow.
Regardless of the size of the fish, I am convinced that Japan has an environment that is not inferior to New Zealand or Canada if it is thoroughly released.
This is not limited to Hokkaido and the Tohoku region, but I think it can be said anywhere in Japan where trout can live.

A huge face … a perfect fish with no scratches … Meet a lot of moving fish on the jet stream

If each angler protects the fishing spot with a high level of consciousness, there is an environment in Japan where 70UP, 80UP, or even 90UP can grow without going abroad for a long time.

There are many wonderful fishing spots overseas. However, it does not have a lot of fish because the nature is wonderful. This is because the number of fish is controlled by setting very strict rules such as keeping the number of fish.

Violators protect their fish by confiscating fishing equipment and cars, and banning fishing there for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, Japan is very late in that respect. No matter how many fish you catch, there is no limit to the number of fish, so the fish will disappear in order from the easiest place to fish.

We are waiting for the introduction of the number limit as soon as possible.

The only fly reel that can play an active role in offense and defense

This is a photo from Mr. U! The following T-sama and I are fishing a ridiculous number of nice fish

All the fish are very beautiful and in nice condition, so I can only say that they are wonderful

Both are heavy users of JET STREAM

Mr. T and Mr. U mentioned above, I have received many pictures of very beautiful fish caught at JET STREAM all the time

I’m really grateful to be able to support your fishing

I can’t put all of U’s photos, so I’ll just give you a glimpse