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Toyo Kogyo Reel Maker is located in Toyama prefecture, Japan. We’ve started making fly reel from 19 years ago. At first, we made Birmingham style reel and after, made various types of reels. For all fly fishers, the landing fish will be a blissful moment and we believe role of fly reel is to support that.
Yes, we love fly fishing and having passion to support all fly fishers in the world.
We know there are many fly reel maker in the world and making reel by Japanese CNC machine tools. We are one of these.
Japanese CNC machine tools are globally known, and Toyama prefecture is famous for metallic processing industry place. In such environment we’ve developed Jet Stream reels.
Some traditional fly fisher may blame our original reels and line system, as against fly fishing tradition. But imagine, when shooting head plus monofilament nylon running line coming to fly fishing world, not all fly fishers accept that, but that was revolution.
Our passion is finding out new allure of fly fishing and develop enjoyable, convenient fishing tackle.

Toyama New Industry Organization
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