Greatly expands the possibilities of fly fishing

If the traditional fly fishing is surfing, windsurfing is born! That’s the feeling

Anyway smooth and fast

The speed of rework is overwhelming. Once you’ve mastered the efficient reworking of this reel, you’ll spend a lot more fishing time . Since the line does not hang down at your feet, there is no trouble such as the running line getting entangled.

You can feel hitting clearly

I don’t touch the running line directly, so I don’t know what it is …? Some people think that, but don’t worry about it at all. hitting is clearly transmitted through the rod. Since the PE line with low elongation and high sensitivity can be used, the sensitivity is better than the normal monofilament and level line, and you can clearly feel the hitting in the distance.

Not subject to water flow resistance

When wading in a flowing river, there is no need for line fingering as in the past. Since there is no need to place the running line on the surface of the water or underwater, the flight distance does not decrease at all due to the water surface and water flow during casting … Various negative factors are solved at once! All the worries of line processing will be cleared!

No basket required

Deformation mode (spiral mode) enables stable casting anywhere without a line basket. In particular, it is comfortable at the beach, and the movement of the Tetra belt is light and the view is not obstructed, so it is safe and secure.

Do not step on the line

In land fishing, you will be freed from trampling the line hanging on the ground and damaging the line.

Strong winds are on your side

Casting using the water surface such as Skagit cast can comfortably cast even in strong winds that shake the electric wire, so depending on the wind direction at the point, you may like strong winds! ??

If you put it on the tailwind, the flight distance will increase, so casting is fun! It feels good! Moreover, there is no trouble all day long! Once you get used to it, you will hardly get motivated by the wind! (Because the wind is strong … I will stop fishing today … I will change the way of thinking!)

A brief description of the recoil thruster engine

The recoil thruster is designed so that the power from the recoil thruster can be adjusted by turning the front drag knob.

It is also possible to adjust the stroke distance to 1: 1 by setting it slightly weaker.

The speed can be changed freely

In the fastest setting, calculate the movement distance of the fly about 3 to 4 times the stroke distance. If the stroke distance is 10 cm in the jet stream, the fly is moving 30 cm to 40 cm, and if it is 50 cm, the fly is moving 1 m 50 cm to 2 m. If you pull the vernier cable quickly with a full stroke, you can catch up with migratory saltwater fish without problems, but in the case of freshwater fish and sea bass, you can also achieve ultra-high speeds that are unmatched in speed.

In addition to improving casting performance, drift performance can also be increased to the utmost limit.

* I will explain the drift method in another video!